What  is  " Music"  about?     The "Magic" in Sound  Adjusting and quality  is  at Derek
Why do we gravitate to some form of musical expression?  Is it an expression of our feelings? Is it  a
yearning for celebration or a joyful expression? Or is it plain simple relaxation? For different people
it can be all of these pleasures or it can be  a series of many other forms of expression. We are all
different in the genre of music we prefer. For some it is Classical, Folk,  Gypsy, Latin or other forms
Also the melody, the rhythm or the combination of harmonies and ornamentations are  a focus.

At  Professional Violins we try to understand your objective, and  provide you with the tools and the
instrument to assist  you in achieving your musical expression.   
We match you with  an instrument that will enable you to utilize more of your playing skills, to experience greater ease     
of expression. Each musician is gifted with a special talent that demands a unique relationship with his violin, viola or        
cello. This is where the expertise and experience of a professional violin maker who understands  the many intricate
nuances of each instrument and their sound qualities is essential. I listen to your request, recognize your skill  level and
provide you with a variety of instruments to test.  Cgheck


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                                               Stephen Derek
The Maestro at work setting up and
adjusting his violins for the maximum
sound quality!

Stephen has exceptional experience and
skills to adjust your violin or other
instrument for the best possible expression
of sound quality, response and color.

Many professional players have applauded
his exceptional skills to bring forth sound
dynamics that are remarkable and
astounding, satisfying your need for greater
musical  expression.
He "guarantees" to open  new dimensions
of sound or there is no charge for his
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